who was first ?

Hello, hello, hello !
Think I'll be one of the first to hold the real "8 diagrams" in my hands !
Perfecta, you'll have to wait a few more days as I noticed it's released a few days later in the UK , lol .
As an appetizer I'll give you guys a few pictures:

The red disc is the album, the white disc is the DVD. The DVD is a mix of the interviews we already saw at the bodogmusic site and live performances of the past tour ( the audio quality is terrible, I'm sad to say ). There's also a sticker included as you can see.
The album also contains some PC extras: a wu media player but I haven't installed that yet so don't know if that's anything to get excited about ... remember that PC stuff on Wu Tang Forever ? Me neither, lol !

Anyway, to cut it short : BUY THE F***ING ALBUM AS SOON AS YOU CAN , PEOPLE !!!

Wu Tang Forever,
The Tcha


The Abbott said...

great! , I can't wait for that!

Perfecta said...

not only do i have to wait till it comes out, Mrs P has ordered it for me as a christmas presant, so i gotta wait till 25th no matter what...lol

theTcha said...

lol !!!
well , i wish you a merry christmas at the speed of sound then

supamushroom420 said...

lol, that cd will turn p into a little child again waitin for christmas. well, at least until he listenes to it that will change your attitude lol. yes merry christmas everyone. cant wait to get my copy!

.....tcha (fist-shake)

psydeffect said...

got my copy this morning, it has a different cover than yours, it didn't include a sticker, and the white CD is the album, the red one is the DVD.

i wanted a sticker too lol

theTcha said...


theTcha said...

that cover is it the one with that wu emblem above the sea which we saw a few weeks before ?
according to wu-international .com there's also a limited edition with 2 dvd's and a t shirt but haven't seen that anywhere so far

theTcha said...

i wanted the t shirt too lol !!!

psydeffect said...

no doubt^^