Review: Raekwon - Immobilarity

New Wu-related post up over at the HHID blog. All comments, positive or negative, are always welcome.




psydeffect said...

one again you are fucking idiot,

the track with masta killa "the table" is a 10 of 10, even people who dont like wu-tang agree this song is dope, if you aint got nothing good to say then shut your worthless ass up, i agree that about 6 or 7 songs suck ass, but the album has 22 fucking tracks, i hope you die

psydeffect said...

and beneath the surface is as good or even better than liquid swords, try listening to the album after you get that stick out of your ass, you want to write a bad review, write one on deck's second album, that album sucked more dick than you

psydeffect said...

i'm gonna take my own advice, i dont have anything good to say about your fucking ignorant ass, so i'm gonna stfu now peace out you fucking cock smoker

psydeffect said...

sorry man, i was drunk when i wrote all that, i don't want you to die, that was a little harsh lol, sorry big homie

Max said...

That was all actually pretty funny. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions - notice how I actually said Raekwon stepped his game up but the beats weren't where they needed to be?

Oh, and I liked "The Table". I agree that it's a good song. Pretty sure I said as much in the review as well. Thanks for reading it, though - I appreciate all feedback.

Antonio said...

and beneath the surface is as good or even better than liquid swords