The results of vote # 11

What's the best song on Raekwon's the Chef "only built for cuban linx ..." ?

Fellow Wu heads,

Forget about the follow up Cuban linx II album, forget about the releasedate being postponed over and over again, forget about the endless stream of Rae mixtapes, even forget about everything even related to Raekwon and let’s go back in history ... back to 1995 when Rae released his debut Only built for cuban linx ...

Like we all agree this was a great solo joint from the Chef, widely still regarded as one of the best alongside GZA’s “Liquid Swords”. Apparently still to this day there’s something in it for everyone as there are only 2 songs on it that nobody choose for: wisdom body and spot rusherz. Songs other rappers might want to give an arm for but on this classic they’re being outshined by even bigger gems.

Songs like verbal intercourse, heaven & hell, guillotine (swordz) or rainy dayz with the still impressive Blue Raspberry ( Cilvaringz was right in puting her back on his album: we need more new Wu joints with her doing the backings !!! And get Tekitha back on board while you’re at it too ! )
But all in all i agree with the top 5 as voted for here: ( the CREAM of the crop so to speak)

5. Incarcerated scarfaces

“Chef'll shine like marble, rhyme remarkable” ,
spot on Rae !

4. Glaciers of ice

“it's been a long time... since Wu-Tang family came to shine...” ,
let’s just hope and beg that the eight generals had this line in mind when they were making the 8 diagrams, right ? Right !!!

3. Wu –Gambinos

“Who come to get you? None. They want guns!
I be the first to set off shit, last to run
Wu roll together as one
I call my brother Sun cuz he shine like one” ,
one of Meth’s best chorusses ever with a perfect combination of an addictive piano loop and strings in the back

2. Criminology

“champagne thoughts with Ghost”,
couldn’t sum it up any better than that .
This still is my favourite track , always been my favourite ever since I bought this album. That intro blew me completely away, first you get Scarface going berserk and then those great horns and violins jump in and there you have it : 100 % RZA magic !!!

1. Ice cream

“Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts
French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe
Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched
And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up ,
Meth’s best chorus ever !!! Period .
Forget about that dreadful Ice cream pt II on “the Lex Diamond story”, this is the shit and most UW voters seemed to agree, voting it the best solo song on the cuban linx album.

On to the next solo album (Masta Killa, to give Supamushroom some inspiration for his next project lol )

As always blog the vote !

PS: This poll review was written under the influence of a huge hangover therefore the responsibility for the contents of this write up cannot be taken by me, God, that newborn bonobo monkey in America or those beers who choose to cross my path yesterday evening.

Results of the vote:

Ice cream 22.6% 21

Criminology 14% 13

Wu –Gambinos 12.9% 12

Glaciers of ice 10.8% 10

Incarcerated scarfaces 8.6% 8

Rainy dayz 6.5% 6

Guillotine (swordz) 6.5% 6

Heaven & hell 5.4% 5

Verbal intercourse 3.2% 3

Knuckleheadz 3.2% 3

Ice water 2.2% 2

North star (jewels) 2.2% 2

Can it be all so simple (remix) 1.1% 1

Knowledge god 1.1% 1

Wisdom Body 0% 0

Spot rusherz 0% 0


Max said...

I actually agree with the results here, although the entire album just needs to be purchased by every single member of this community; maybe that way we can tell Raekwon to get off of his ass and release Cuban Linx Ii already.

Good poll as always, Tcha. Looking forward to the Masta Killa one.

Hip Hop Isn't Dead

supamushroom420 said...

LOL! you on point TCHA! next time i will assist you with those path-crossing brews. lol. im satisfied with the results. i dont think knuckleheads got enough votes but it dont matter, no doubt one of the best wu-solo albums ever. also this was up there on the best polls so far. you da man Tcha! keep blessing us with your Lessons!

and this masta killa will be a great one to come.
New Masta Killa Mixtape Comming Later. I Dont Know When! lol