How about a supervote ?

Dear poll voters,

thx for the different suggestions for the polls. I appreciate the help and therefore would like to hear your opinion on a little idea that's been running around my skull these last days ( see picture above ) :

As you can see we're voting for the best song on GZA's Liquid swords now. How about voting each week for the best song in the best solo album from one WU member. After 9 weeks we can put the 9 winners in a superpoll: what's THE best solo song from our 9 WU generals ?

Let me know what you think in a comment , if you guys like the idea then we're on for a nice ride in my opinion !

As always: blog the vote !

The Tcha

PS My wife couldn't help mentioning that there's certainly enough room in that skull of mine to run a marathon ! How sweet love can be !!!

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Perfecta said...

do it, like you need our