The results of vote # 7

Pick your favourite group out of the Wu Killa Bee Fam :

Killarmy - 35%
Sunz Of Man - 23.8%
Black Market Militia - 12.5%
Black Knights - 6.3%
Royal Fam - 6.3%
Northstar - 5%
Theodore unit - 5%
GP Wu - 3.8%
American Cream Team - 2.5%
Deadly Venoms - 0%

total votes: 80
Dear reader(s) ,

Put on some nice tune ... pour yourself a drink or roll yourself a big fat youknowwhat ... take a seat ... kick up your feet ... and prepare for the result of our latest poll ... which everyone could have forecasted from the very start !

Yes, yes , yes , as was to be expected the Killarmy click gave the rest of the competitors a serious beating : 35 % voted for our “You’re in the Army now”- rap collective. However, lately for half of these rhyme kickers it’s more like a “You’re in jail now, honey, and while we’re in the shower, would you mind picking up that bar of soap for me ?”- rap collective ! Kinda gives a whole new meaning to some of their titles such as “Burning season”, “Pain”, “Dirty weaponry” , “Feel it”, “One to grow on” and last but not least “Lady sings the blues” !!!
As one also would have expected Sunz of Man were the group Killarmy had to fight it out with and hence: they came second with 23,8 % . I bet that if they were still alltogether and releasing real SOM albums they’d have come much closer. But still, almost a fourth of the votes isn’t that bad for a bunch of Bible fanatics. I bet Georgie Bush is a big fan , maybe even plays their songs in the back whenever he’s setting up his toy soldiers on his Fischer Price set of the “How to go on a Holy Crusade against almost everyone in the universe except for my precious daddy ... and oh yes, off course the Teletubbies “ boardgame.

The real question off course was who’d become the second runner-up . And relatively new supergroup Black Market Militia were the ones with 12,5 % of the votes. Bye the way , can anyone tell Timbo King that with only 3 songs on the BMM album we’re still wondering why he even wants to pretend to be a real member of the group ? Timbo, stand up for yourself and insist upon more verses on the next one or do the math and quit !

The rest got scraps ranging from 6,3 to 0 % and are now following a 3 year course in Marketing and Advertising strategies.

Blog the vote !!!

The Tcha

P.S. I almost forgot: this morning Ultimate WU got an email by the Deadly Venoms’ manager claiming every single UW member is a sexist pig with absolutely no respect for the result of 100 years of the feminist struggle:
4 rap Sufragettes claiming the right to fuck up their own career before it even really started without the help of us male pigs !

Sexist pig ? Moi ?? Where did they get that idea ?!?

As everyone knows I have nothing but respect for every woman ... especially the ones that after having sex transform into a few six packs, a table, a deck of cards and three of my best mates .

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