4th Disciple - Instructive Mentalz (Rare Tracks)

2. Another Hero
3. Commitee Wit Da Evilz
4. Devil in Descize ft Killah Priest
5. Forgive Me
6. Fuck You pt II ft Shogun Assassin
7. Wake Up
8. Artform ft Autonoyz
9. Bloody Choices ft Sunz of Man
10. Facts is Facts ft Autonyz
11. Foreign Languages ft One Man
12. Heavy Burdenz ft One Man
13. Just for You ft One Man
14. Lost Fallen ft Dirty Pilgrims & Promizz
15. The Mourning ft The Orphange
16. Death be the Penalty ft Shabazz the Disciple
17. Hush Hush ft N-Tyce

Release year:2003

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