4th Disciple - 4th Disciple 1996

1.Wit da evilz (feat.kapspille comitee)
2.Devil in descize (feat.killah priest,shanghai the messenger and 62nd assassin)
3.Foreign languages (feat.one man)
4.Heavy burdenz (feat.one man)
5.Just for you (feat.one man)
6.Coming soon
7.Operation project love
8.Psalm 51
9.Fuck u pt.ii (feat.shogun assasson)
10.Shouldve known (this is hip hop)(feat.autnoyz)
11.Artform (feat.autnoyz)
12.Facts is facts (feat.autnoyz)
13.Tongue fu (feat.cilvaringz)
14.Energy (feat.cilvaringz and beretta 9)
15.Lost_fallen (feat.dirty pilgrims and promizz)
16.Grimey suspect (feat.raaddrr van)
17.Self savior (feat.the orphange)
18.The mourning (feat.the orphange)
19.Think about it l.o.r.d.(feat.dojo pros)
20.Bloody choices (feat.sunz of man)
21.Peace(feat.the orphange)

Release year:2001

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