The results of vote #10

Which one is your favorite track from ODB's "Return to the 36 chambers - the dirty version" ?

One night at the Tcha’s beautiful mansion somewhere in the world ...

“Ring, ring ,ring”

-Hello, TheTcha here , who this ?

- MZA MZA my name is the Ol Dirty Bas

My gaaaaame, to kiss your ass

Dnnah duh dnnh dnnh duh duh!

Dnnah dnh duh duh duh dahhhhhh!”

- AHA, ok , right ... what’s kickin man ? Thought you were dead and shit like that !

- Yo, are you taping baby?

Baby are you taping?

Ohh yeahhahhahheeyahhhyahhhhohhhyahhhh

Baby baby c'mon, baby c'mon, baby c'mon

What the fuck anybody wanna do?

I love ya poll man , want to give the results

Right motherfucking now!


- Glad you feel like that Dirty ... let it all out man !

- One two, one two, one two... one two

Now niggaz know

Ssssshhhit, yo yo check this out, check this poll

This is strictly for the UW, yo

Ahh ahh, I never saw so many UW members tonight

I mean y'all all got it crowded up in here and that's good

I'm glad that y'all votin it up for me, y'all givin ya vote for me

that's good -- y'all make me want to cry or somethin

Alright ladies and gentleman, tonight is a special night

For one thing let me introduce myself my name is Mr. Russell Jones

Excuse me for that one I had to let that one low ahh-hahhh

And tonight, you're going to read something that you never read before

Somethin that, that nobody in the history of rap blogs ever set theyself to do

This fuckin guy, that I speak to you about, is somethin crazy

He's somethin insane, he's the greatest poll composer every-since

uhh, what's the guys name? [Ol Dirty!!]

Ahh, da, ahh, James Brown, he's bad, and he's a cool guy

And you'll really need him, I mean need to really get to know him

Ladies and gentleman, from all houses, to all towns

From the moons of Pluto, back down to earth

Ladies and gentleman, one more time, give it up for

The Old Dirty TZA, I mean, the ol’dirty tcha

I love that guy!

- Ok, ok, Ason, enough of the dick riding ... on with the show , right ?

- Oh, fuck, you can't even sing.

Hey, baby, I like this poll

Yeah baby, I like this POOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL !!!

Ooh, baby, I like this poll

Yeah baby, I like this POOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL !!!


- Mr Russel Jones !!! Could you, pretty please with cocaine on top, proceed with the results !?!

- Yeah, you always gotta keep it fly

Fly for them to read, what they wants to read

See ODB and UW like to thank, all the people across the country

All the people in America, all the people outside of America

for visiting the blog

We gotta keep it fly for ya

See this ain't somethin new

that's just gonna come out of nowhere, no!!!

This is somethin OLD, and DIRTY!!

and DIRTY!!


Nah I'm just kidding witch'all

How y'all feelin, read the poll results cuz they’re BANGIN !

And as for the winner :

Sing the song, sing along with me

Sing the song, sing the song with me:

“ I'm the one-man army, Ason

I've never been tooken out, I keep MC's lookin out ... ”

PS. My own little tribute to the great late ODB and his legendary debut album ,anyone who recognizes every sample from “return to the 36 chambers” within the first read wins the pair of underpants Ol dirty wore during the recording of his classic : "Brooklyn Zoo” !

PS 2 You may not have noticed but ...this is actually the first real solo song that got voted best solo track by UW visitors, all others were posse cuts , people ! This shows even more that Ol dirty was one of a kind ... RIP Dirt Mc girt !

Brooklyn Zoo - 35.7 %

Proteck ya neck II the Zoo - 14.3 %

Shimmy shimmy ya - 9.5 %

Snakes - 8.3 %

Cuttin' headz - 7.1 %

Raw Hide - 7.1 %

Harlem world - 4.8 %

The stomp - 2.4 %

Drunk game (Sweet sugar pie) - 2.4 %

Brooklyn Zoo II (Tiger crane) - 2.4 %

Baby c'mon - 2.4 %

Don't u know - 1.2 %

Damage - 1.2 %

Hippa to da Hoppa - 1.2 %

Dirty dancin' – 0 %

Goin down – 0 %

total votes: 84

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