Method Man - Fall Out [VLS]

Release Year: 2006


Antonio said...

Thank you so much.

theTcha said...

never felt this track, can't believe they made this even a single when he said he was going back to the old meth with his fourth album, to me it "falls out" of the rest of the album
but thx anyway for posting this lol

supamushroom420 said...

its true... this track really doesnt fit with the rest of the album... he shouldve made the odb track a single.... that would have been a banger. think what the video would be. lol

psydeffect said...

damn fall out was my favorite song on 421, he played the whole song live, and if you know wu-tang live, they never play the whole song,

fall out!

Here we go again, herb-smoke, blowing in the wind
Cops chasing, wanna throw him in the pen
And the day he leave the game, yo, he going in the Benz
On them 24's looking like he rolling on the rims
All daying, knawimsayin', I'm staying up to par, parleyin'
While y'all hating, I'm splitting this cigar
Man, it's nathan,

shit nigga i played this track more than any song on the album. uess we we get the good weed down in FL