Dj JHeat Presents Wu Fam Vol.1 (Deadly Venoms Edition) 2007

01.Deadly Venoms - Intro
02.Deadly Venoms - You Do The Things
03.Deadly Venoms - Sunrise
04.Deadly Venoms - Look Into My Eyes
05.Deadly Venoms - Dont Stop
06.Deadly Venoms - Boys In The Back
07.Deadly Venoms - Love Me
08.Deadly Venoms - Chasing Dreams
09.Deadly Venoms - Ready
10.Deadly Venoms - Worldwide
11.Deadly Venoms - Wrong Place_Breaker
12.Deadly Venoms - Real Hardcore
13.N-Tyce Feat Method Man - Hush Hush Tip
14.Deadly Venoms - One More To Go
15.Deadly Venoms - Whats The Deal
16.Deadly Venoms - Like What
17.Deadly Venoms - Cant See Me
18.Deadly Venoms - Venom Everywhere
19.Deadly Venoms - Remember The Name
20.Deadly Venoms - Pockets Stay Deeply
21.Deadly Venoms - What What
22.Deadly Venoms - Party Chedda
23.Deadly Venoms Feat Ol Dirty Bastard - Drug Free
24.Deadly Venoms - Real Niggaz
25.Deadly Venoms - Hunting Season
26.Deadly Venoms - Gets No Better
27.Deadly Venoms - Rap Scholar
28.Deadly Venoms - Counterfeiters
29.Deadly Venoms - Pretty Thugs
30.Deadly Venoms - Ladies Room
31.Deadly Venoms - Dont Give Up
32.Deadly Venoms - This Is For_Breaker
33.Deadly Venoms - Ring Bells Posse
34.Deadly Venoms - Dont Care.mp3
35.Deadly Venoms - Rocks The World
36.Deadly Venoms - The Perfect Storm_Black Out_Goodnight

Release Date - 2007

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Anonymous said...

Always wondered what happend to these girls....was kinda looking for their joint back in the day....thanks for this.