The results of vote # 9

What’s the best song on Method Man’s “Tical” ?

Little hint :

“Hot time, summer in the city
My people represent, get busy
The heat-seeker, on a mission from hell's kitchen
I gets in where I fits in for head-touchin, listen
Enemy, is the industry got me flippin
I don't give a fuck tell that bitch and a nigga
I'm killin, snipin, catchin murder cases
Desert Storm-in, I be searchin for oasis
As I run a mile with a racist
Pullin, swords, hit the Billboard with a bullet
Peace to the number seven
Everybody else get the fo'-nine-three-eleven
(Mr. Sandman bring me a good dream)
I don't know what's going on
if you can take us there...”

Took a while to get to finishing this poll, but hey ... I ran out of vacation eventually . So I had to go through my traditional “First of september- shell shock syndrome” and all that .
But don’t worry, dear voters, your favourite poll creator has almost recovered from seeing all his lovely pupils back in front of him, eagerly anticipating all those words of wisdom rolling out of his perfectly shaped mouth ... uhm ... well ... yes uhm ... where was I ...
Well nevermind me being tortured in the classroom by those young villains with only one thing on their mind, I’ve got a good insurance policy , really, stop crying ! Back to business !!!
Mr Meth’s debut has been judged by the visitors of Ultimate Wu and this was their wise verdict:

0 % Method Man (remix ) = Method Man re(jected)mix
0 % I get my thang in action = I should get my “spelling” in action
1,6 % Stimulation = What stimulation ?
1,6 % Biscuits = crumbs more likely
1,6 % PLO Style = PL nO style
1,6 % What the blood clot = Meth on the rag ?
3,1 % Tical = Tiwho ?
4,7 % Sub crazy= going down indeed
4,7 % I'll be there for you / You're all I need to get by = all I need (is Puffy getting lynched) to get by
7,8 % All I need = not
7,8 % Release yo’ delf = there, released, now happy ?

There, those songs were never in the winning mood throughout the vote. Time for the real deal: the top 3.

“Meth vs Chef” came third , scoring 14,1 %. Nice lyrical boxing between Rae and Meth, the bell tops it all of.

“Bring the pain”, 2nd position, getting 18,8 %, cause it ‘s “sick, insane, crazy, Drivin Miss Daisy Out her fuckin mind” , remember ?

But the classic amongst classics was “Mr Sandman” getting 32,8 % . Little did he know that this title was a premonition of things to come ... Tical O anyone ? I still use that one whenever I can’t get to sleep . Works everytime people !!!

Next up in the vote: Mr Crazy himself ... O ... D... B ... !!!

As always, blog the vote !



Perfecta said...

them top three were definatly the highlights of the album.....thanks tcha, another top poll

Max said...

Lovin the smart ass comments during the poll...but then again, this is coming from ME, after all.

I'm sad that "I Get My Thang In Action" placed as a never-was, but I agree that "Mr. Sandman" is the best track on Tical by far.

Great job as usual! And just for you, I'll get to The Score soon, I just have to find it...