The results of Vote # 6

Let's say RZA steps aside and focuses on rhyming only ... Who would be worthy of singlehandedly producing the next Wu Tang Clan album ?

True Master - 32.4%
4th Disciple - 21.6%
Bronze Nazaereth - 18.6%
Mathematics - 15.7%
Cilvaringz - 4.9%
Moongod Allah - 3.9%
Inspectah Deck - 2.9%

total votes: 102

Over 100 visitors voted for their favourite heir to the RZA throne, which was quite an improvement after the previous poll. Was the question that much better that more interesting ? Or was it just because it had to stay on for a longer period ? Who knows ... one thing’s for sure: the results are quite surprising !!!
To be honest, I thought 4th Disciple would win this poll without any discussion whatsoever but that wasn’t the case, dear UW members. Let’s have a look at the top 3:

Bronze Nazareth got the Bronze medal ... what more could he have hoped for with a name like that ? Bronze is starting to sound the same over and over again in my opinion, he needs some more variety in his productions before he can pull of this job .

Maybe people thought 4th would run out of beats with him selling two downloadable albums filled with old material and the “ Frequency enforcement lesson #1” album coming up as well ... I don’t know, fact is he ended up second. Feel the name change joke coming up ?

True Master got the hot spot , yes !!! I voted for this cat too, so this result suits me just fine. Is it because we haven’t gotten a lot from him lately or because everyone craves for some more gritty, dark joints like the “Flaming swords”-gem he provided Sunz of Man with ? Were so many people impressed with that “Heaterz” track on Wu Tang Forever ( I for one was ) ? Doesn’t matter really cause True Master got voted to be the True Master indeed if ever RZA should throw his producer’s chair out on the streets.
Who knows , maybe this little poll reaches the Wu Mansion one day ... giving us a Tru Master WU Tang CD ? Guess not but one can only hope or like a certain person(*) used to say : “I had a dream ...”.

Thanks for voting

(*) I think it was Freddy Krueger, not sure though.

1 comment:

Max said...

Still loving the polls, keep them coming! To be honest, I forgot to vote, but I would have also gone with True Master, specifically because of "Heaterz". Awfully glad Deck cam ein last place, as you can probably tell by my multiple posts where I trash talk Deck's beatmaking abilities.
Great work!