The results of Vote # 5

Which solo-release do you find the most dissapointing album ? ( total votes: 54 )

Here are the results of our fifth vote. Not wrapped into a bedtime storie this time though, can’t pretend to be Slick Rick all the time lol.
8. Immobilarity ( 3.7 % )

Only 2 people voted for Rae’s follow up “Immobilarity”, guess his lyrics on this album single handedly saved the day cause most of the music still sucks after all these years.

7. The Movement ( 5.6 % )

Rebel Ins’s follow up didn’t live up to expectations either but manages to escape with only three votes. Doesn’t have no Wu beats at all but I quite liked it anyway. Best track (in my opinion): “ The stereotype “ .

6. Golden Arms Redemption ( also 5.6% )

Aaaaaaaa, mr u-God’s first appearance in the list. Let’s have a listen, shall we ?
First of all, using the melody of Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive” to come up with an intro was a bad idea, Noodles. This is corny, period ! Shivers down my spine and all that shit ...
Turbulence sounds like True master thought he was Dr Dre. Glide clocks in at 6minutes and 12 seconds, could have settled for 2minutes though.
Track 4 – track 8 are quite good and save this record ! But then ...
“Stay in your lane”: Rza, this track should have stayed in your brain. This is possibly one of the worst tracks RZA ever served and U-God tuned his rap down to it. Awful stuff !!! Same goes for “Lay down” ... when I hear that machine gun in the chorus I feel like using it on Mr Xcitement.
“Hungry”, “Turbo charge”: U-God , don’t sing , please , thanks, m8 !

5. The yin and the yang ( 7.4% )

Mr Cab Driver’s second album, third artist in this list that gets a thumbs down for his second album, people !
This album went wood for a reason, Jermaine Dupri and da brat on a Wu album ??? Cappa doesn’t deliver anything on this cd that’s worth releasing, his hooks are simply awful.

4. Tical 2000 – Judgment day ( 11.1% )

Too much skits, too much awful tracks, not enough bangers, read Max’s review and you’ll get our point .

3. The trials and tribulations of Russel Jones ( 20.4% )

ODB was in jail at the time this was put together ... the judge should have released him immediately and put everyone that was involved in this great Rap’nRoll swindle behind bars instead !

2. Tical 0: the prequel ( 22.2% )

The zero in the title was a sign, this is 4.21 the day before !!! Fuck weed if this is what it does to you, Meffie ...
At the beginning of track 11 Method goes “This is really good people.”
It isn’t, these commercial tracks def jam forced upon Method Man should get a Ebola treatment. Just listen to tracks like Crooked letter I, the prequel, tease, ... there’s plenty to choose from. One of the few highlights on the album is “The afterparty” with Ghostface. If only this album was filled with this type of tracks , it would have been better than Tical I reckon.

1. Mr Xcitement ( 24.1% )

Should have called it Mr. Boring, Mr Yawn or Mr Who-gives-a-fuck-about-this-anyway ? , ... feel free to invent other titles yourself. A quarter of our voters think this is the “Ultimate-Wu-Solo-Disaster” Still a few more or less decent tracks on it but as a whole this is terrible. Just imagine, u God called this the best he could come up with at the time he released it ... I’ll use two track titles to give U-god my opinion on his “masterpiece”:
Uey, “I’m talkin to you” , “Stop” .

New vote coming up tomorrow, get ready !

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