The results of Vote # 4

Which Killa Bee do you think should replace ODB (RIP) in the Mighty 9 from the Wu Tang clan ?

Cappadonna - 36% - 32
Warcloud -22.5% - 20
Killah Priest - 16.9% - 15
Cilvaringz - 6.7% - 6
9th prince - 5.6% - 5
Shabazz the Disciple - 3.4% - 3
Killa Sin - 3.4% - 3
Streetlife - 2.2% -2
Hellrazah - 1.1% - 1
Frukwan - 1.1% - 1
Trife da God - 1.1% - 1

total votes: 89

Somewhere last night at the Wu Mansion:
Trife set up a meeting with Frukwan and Hellrazah and decided to form a new group: The One Percent Nation. “Can’t believe the three of us haven’t even got enough votes to join the 5 percent nation “, said Frukwan. After which Hellrazah replied : “Man i’m glad I even got a vote cause the first four days it was nada for me ! And Streetlife ? He took his two percent with him to check every line he dropped on Iron Flag to see where he had gone wrong, poor sod. Even talks about giving up rap alltogether , that or joining G-Unit .” “ As if that’s anything different ...”, Frukwan sighed.
Meanwhile Shabazz visited Killa Sin in prison to tell him they each received 3 votes. “ Who gives a fuck as I’m still stuck, right here in jail, don’t care if I fail! ”, Killa Sin spitted. Quite frankly a very poor dart, showing why he didn’t get the spot. Shabazz didn’t loose one night sleep either as he was already rumoured to fill the gap for Poetic in the Gravediggaz.
Next scene: 2 0’clock in the morning in a dark and dirty bar filled with drunk and desperate people somewhere in the Big Apple. Zoom in at the 2 sloshed rappers at the bar: 9th Prince and Cilvaringz, surrounded by empty bottles of whiskey. Cilva raised his head with his last bit of energy and mumbled someting about life not being fair. “Oh shut up and order us some more whiskey “, 9th Prince cried, “ Maybe it’s our names ? People feel we ‘ve allready proclaimed the spot with it years ago and punished us for that ? God , I feel stupid, should’ve called myself the 9th loser ! Waiter, where are those whiskeys ?”
“ You sinners, alcohol is the devil’s piss put on earth to seduce ye weak sinners, thou should repent and go to the desert for salvation !!! ”, Killah Priest raged from the doorway , whilst contacting his lawyer to see if he could file a lawsuit based upon religeous discrimination. He felt his Bible connection costed him the spot and wasn’t going to leave it like that. “I mean, i didn’t even get second : people preferred to make Warcloud second ! Why ? Cause he’s even a bigger nutcase than ODB ? Damnation upon him !”
Meanwhile an add was being placed in the morning papers:
“Taxi company needs new cab driver ...”


Perfecta said...

lol, you crazy bro, nice write up,i look forward to the next

theTcha said...

thx m8 lol
and about me being crazy: I know, my pupils remind me everyday !