Cappadonna - The Cappatalize Project

1. Cap Is Back
2. The Annointing
3. Don't Turn Around (ft. Q-Dini)
4. Peace God (ft. Born Divine)
5. Get Paper (ft. Lounge Lo)
6. If You Don't Stop (ft. Born Divine)
7. One Night Love Affair
8. Growth and Development (ft. Hugh Hef & Lahluga)
9. Dream
10. Gotta Find A Way (ft. Born Divine & MPM)
11. Wanted (ft. KMC)
12. Goon Skwad
13. Tug Dat Rope
14. My Gang (ft. Born Divine & The Better Lifers)
15. Holdin' (ft. Lounge Lo)
16. What You See

All split up into seperate tracks, this Internet Version has been brought to you by Psydeffect, Thanks Bro!

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