Protect Ya Neck Recordz present Digital Darts - The Evil That Men Do

01.Deadly Venoms, Bambi The Iron Maiden, Wu-Tang Clan - Deadly Venoms Meet The Wu
02.M.M.O. - Freeze
03.Bambi The Iron Maiden - What U Wanna Do
04.M.M.O., KGB, Deadly Venoms - The Symphony
05.M.M.O. - Lollypop Katz
06.Bambi The Iron Maiden - Still Rising
07.M.M.O. - Kinda Hard
08.M.M.O. - If My Eyes
09.Bambi The Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do
10.Jaquin - Who U Know
11.M.M.O. - Life Of Luxury
12.Bambi The Iron Maiden - The Warm Up
13.M.M.o. - Spit Liquidz

Release year:2001

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