The Professional - Plethora of Lyrics

01. Diminishing Foes On Destination
02. Unsigned Hype
03. Battle Me You Won't Win ft. Warcloud
04. Beautiful Smile Girl ft. Sobretti
05. My House ft. Bootface
06. Hip Hops Not What You See On TV
07. Life's Mysteries ft. Warcloud
08. Telekanetic Energetic Instrumental Interlude
09. Decimating The Ignorant 'Plethora Of Lyrics'
10. Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans And Records ft. Sobretti, Warcloud
11. Everyone's A Fuckin Critic
12. Instrumental Interlude
13. You Couldn't Be Me Even If You Tried
14. Pavement Raps Freestyles 8-12-2001 ft. Warcloud
15. Diminishing Foes On Destination Instrumental

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