Wu-Tang Clan - Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game

1.W.U.T.A.N.G. - Intro
2.Ghostface - MTV Skit (The World According To Pretty Tony)
3.Ghostface - R.A.G.U. (Feat. Raekwon)
4.Method Man - Who I'm Is
5.Gostface - MTV Skit Wallabeclarks
6.Ghostface & Doom - Angels
7.RZA - Chamber Of Fear (Feat. Rev William Burk)
8.Ghostface - Skit
9.Ghostface - Underwater
10.Inspectah Deck - Witty Unpredictable Talent & Natural Game Skit #1
11.Masta Killa - Ringin' Bells
12.Inspectah Deck - A Lil Story
13.Raekwon - State Of Grace
14.Ghostface - 9 Milli Bros. (Feat. Wu-Tang)
15.Wu-Tang Clan - Dave Chappelle's Show "racial Draft"
16.Bronze Nazareth - More Than Gold (Feat. Timbo King)
17.Shyheim - New Producers
18.GZA - Witty Unpredictable Talent & Natural Game Skit #2
19.GZA, Bill Murray & Rza - Coffee & Cigarettes Skit
20.Skit Dating Game
21.Skit Dating Game Part 2

Release year:2006

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