The RZA & Big Cap - Wu-Tang Mix

01. Intro [Performed by *Big Cap] Love Is The Message [Performed by Cappadonna & Raekwon] [Produced by Goldfinghaz]
02. Mighty Healthy [Performed by Ghostface Killah] [Produced by Allah Mathematics]
03. Save Jon Benny [Break Bread/Shake Dat Ass] [Performed by Jamie Sommers, and The RZA] [Produced by The RZA]
04. Bizarre [Uplift The Mind] [Performed by U-God] [Produced by *Bink] Torture [Skit] [Performed by Method Man, and Raekwon] [Produced by The RZA]
05. Mic Ammo [White Cracker Slapper] [Performed by Timbo King, and Dreddy Kruger] [Produced by John The Baptist]
06. 7th Chamber [Performed by Wu-Tang Clan] [Produced by The RZA]
07. Sweetah Love [Performed by Tekitha] [Produced by The RZA]
08. Chant An Anthem [Performed by Remedy, 9th Prince, ShoGun Assason, Beretta 9, and Islord] [Produced by 4th Disciple] All I Need [Performed by Method Man] [Produced by The RZA]
09. The What [Performed by Method Man, and *The Notorious B.I.G.] [Produced by *Easy Mo Bee]
10. Shark Niggas [Biters] [Skit] [Performed by Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon] [Produced by The RZA] Trust It's On [Performed by Shyheim, and *Blue Steel] [Produced by *Big L] Freestyle [Performed by Shyheim]
11. Interlude / Bust A Slug [Performed by Wu-Syndicate, Trigga, and Ill Knob] [Produced by Smokin' Joe]
12. What The F*ck [Freestyle] [Performed by Dreddy Kruger] Kinda Hard [Performed by M.M.O.]
13. Cobra Clutch [Performed by Ghostface Killah ] [Produced by Allah Mathematics] Incarcerated Scarfaces [Performed by Raekwon] [Produced by The RZA]
14. Freeze [Freeze Freeze] [Original Version] [M.M.O] [Performed by Itchy Finga-Sha, Naisha, Pearl Handles, and Trigga] [Produced by Russ Prez]
15. Authentic [Performed by Ruthless Bastards, and Inspectah Deck] [Produced by The Blaquesmiths]
16. R.E.C. Room [Performed by Inspectah Deck] [Produced by True Master]
17. Word On The Street [Getaway] [Performed by Inspectah Deck] [Produced by Inspectah Deck] Outro [Performed by *Big Cap]
18. Shattered Armor [Performed by Street Life]

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