Lost Children Of Babylon - The Equidivium

1. Intro
2. Where The Light Was Created (Chapter 1)
3. Will You Be Prepared? (When The Elohim Return)
4. Egyptian Magic
5. Cosmic Consciousness
6. Gladiators - (with Luminous Flux)
7. As We Become One With The Sun
8. From The Womb OF El Kuluwm
9. Pythagorean Theorum, The
10. Book Of Black Light
11. Mystic Triad, The (Of Atum Re)
12. Heaven's Mirror - (with Luminous Flux/Society Park)
13. Stargate
14. Seven Thunders, The
15. Giving Praise (To Mother Nature)
16. Through The Eyes Of An Embryo

Release year:2006 Re-issue

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luvshorty said...

Rasul Allah: Yes, we are affiliated with Sunz of Man, Killarmy, and the rest of the killabess. The first affiliate that I met was 4th disciple and Budda Monk (ODB’s brother), he then introduced me to 9th prince (the madman) who then introduced me to killah priest. And we have been tight ever since.
Link information :http://www.wu-international.com/misc_albums/Interviews/LCOB%20Interview.htm