730 Presents Hip Hop Disciples XV Hosted by Killah Priest

730 intro.mp3
wise intelligent - youths and thugs.mp3
killah priest - heaven-worthy (prod. by killahertz).mp3
killah priest - pain.mp3
gza feat. rza, ghostface, and killah priest - liquid swords (remix) (classic).mp3
killah priest - the abyssinian sword.mp3
army of the pharohs - battle cry.mp3
killah priest - one step (throwback).mp3
jojo pellegrino - rain drops.mp3
skillz - freestyle.mp3
timbo king - street scholars.mp3
wordsmith - return of the microphone bully.mp3
la the darkman - 1000 grams.mp3
tru life feat. saigon - yep yep.mp3
killah priest - musification (classic).mp3
solomon childs - don't give me no hassle.mp3
killah priest - rockets freestyle.mp3
royal flush - fake rappers.mp3
killah priest feat. nas - the saints (prod. by dirty harry).mp3
verbal threat - autobiography.mp3
raekwon - state of grace (prod. by rza).mp3
sketch, trife da god, and born unique - against the grain.mp3
ike eyes - duty in the eyes of a soldier (prod. by icon).mp3
jaz-o - be there (prod. by jaz-o).mp3
gza feat. killah priest - beneath the surface.mp3
smoke and numbers feat. shiest bub - on the real '06.mp3
big cas feat. cory gunz and traffic - the original.mp3
gza feat. ras kass - destruction of a guard (remix) (prod. by dj khalil).mp3
saigon - welcome to saigon (prod. by scram jones).mp3
littles - boss player (prod. by scram jones).mp3
un - the last bad guy (prod. by street level prod.).mp3
rain - i'm back.mp3
hell razah - freestyle.mp3
swigga - no more scrappin' (prod. by scram jones).mp3
k-hill feat. kaze and pumpkinhead - the eulogy.mp3
killah priest - B.I.B.L.E. (classic).mp3
killah priest - through the looking glass (not on the offering).mp3
st. laz and jo dancer - the future.mp3

Release year:2005

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