01: New Improved
[The Manchuz, and Kendra]
[Performed by Druken Dragon, Manley Musa, Babyface Finster, Spiritual Assassin, Delta, and Kendra]
[Produced by Dungeon Masta]

02: Warriors
[Performed by Johnnie Mae a/k/a Kendra]
[Produced by *Mr. Tibbs]

03: Hang 'Em High
[Performed by Baby Face Fensta]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

04: Red Rum
[The Manchuz, and Buddha Monk]
[Performed by Buddha Monk, BabyFace Fensta, and Delta #1]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

05: Long Axe Short Axe
[Performed by Drunken Dragon, and Spiritual Assassin]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

06: Remy On Rocks
[Performed by *Naki, Black Venom, Drunken Dragon, 5ft Hyper Snyper, I Born]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

07: Prepare for the Buddha Monk
[Brooklyn Zu, The Manchuz, and Ol' Dirty Bastard]
[Performed by Ol' Dirty Bastard, 12 O'Clock, BabyFace Fensta, Manley Musa, Delta #1, Buddha Monk, Shorty Sh*t Stain, Spiritual Assassin, and Drunken Dragon]
[Produced by *Marcus Logan]

08: Knock, Knock
[Performed by Johnnie Mae a/k/a Kendra]
[Produced by *Agent Stealth]

09: How Real is Real
[Performed by Drunken Dragon]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

10: Picture That
[Performed by Tai Chi Mastas, The Manchuz]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

11: Make this Money Take this Money
[Performed by Ol' Dirty Bastard, I Born, Shyheim, Shacronz, and 12 O'Clock]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

12: Hold Up
[Performed by Freemurder, Shacronz, and United Kingdom]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]

13. UK Get You Shot Up
[Performed by Division, UK]
[Performed by Freemurder, Shacronz, Terra Tory, United Kingdom]
[Produced by Buddha Monk]
release date: 2005

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